Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The Mission

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Canon Project is an attempt to establish with some credibility an acceptable literary canon of those works in speculative fiction that are not only the most influential, but most important to the genre, literature, and society. Involvement from the community is desired simply because one cannot do such a project alone. For that reason, this is a project for anyone to take part in, whether you are a casual reader of speculative fiction, a writer, an editor, or simply a fan of speculative fiction.
This project will set forth to create three separate canons.

  • Science Fiction Novels
  • Fantasy Novels
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Stories
Each of the novel canons will include fifty of the most influential and important works starting from the dawn of science fiction or fantasy and ending ten years before the current time, taking into account that his project may span over several years. Please look for the upcoming guidelines and general information on the project that will go into depth on the project itself.
The short story canon will include one hundred short stories in either genre considered to be groundbreaking works that shaped the short form in speculative fiction.

I hope you will join in on the project, spread the word, and help make this a success.

Thank you.