Saturday, December 8, 2007


Added Items!

I've added several items to the list already (Fahrenheit 451 and Ringworld just now). You can find The List here, or you can click it on the right sidebar there. These are simply items for discussion at this point. Meaning, you can suggest ANYTHING you think should be considered or discussed, provided it fits the criteria found here.

You can leave suggestions anywhere on the site, although an ideal, organized place would be here.

Also, please tell people about this. It won't go anywhere unless we get community involvement. If you have an argument you'd like to bring up on any subject related to this project, please use the "Contact Me" link on the right to send an email with your argument. I can post it here and provide a link to your blog and we can have a discussion on a particular book. I haven't read everything on the list right now, so I can't comment on whether I think they belong, but perhaps some of you have an opinion. So feel free to email me!